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Data is one of your key operational assets. Because of its importance, data migration projects can make companies nervous, especially given the increasing complexity of data integration thanks to the number of file formats, the volume, and the requirement to share existing data.

We provide:

  • Migration of legacy system data to adopt cloud or any form to support the business needs
  • Automation Tool & Web Scraping

Our offering

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Data Migration

At Minizoft, We have specialists in data migration standing by to support your archiving needs. With their guidance, you will be able to quickly define your unique requirements, expertly configure customizable options, and easily deploy a compliance-safe game plan.

check This includes data transfers from one cloud to another, such as AWS & Azure. Source can be in any form like cloud, file or on premises we can handle the migration for you. check Conversion from any file format to DB check Move archives efficiently with our data migration service

Data extraction

At Minizoft, we specialized in data extraction services that empower organizations to harness the potential of their data. Our expert consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in various data extraction techniques.

check We have streamlined process, transforming raw data into actionable insights check We follow ETL (Extract, Transform, load) process
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Future-Proof Your Data.

Data Migration Process


Assess & Make checklist

  • Create objectives
  • Identify key challenges

Backup and transfer Data

  • Roadmap to backup & data transfer
  • List prepared for next phase

Data Mapping

  • To maintain data integrity mapping are prepared
  • Upon confirmation, data will be ready for next phase

Start Migration

  • Data will be migrated to targeted platform
  • Earlier access given to test its integrity


  • Handover will be made with proper documents
  • On demand, we handover the tools which we created for migration

Data Extraction / Automation Process



  • Feasibility report generated
  • Next phase will be decided based on the report

Proof Of Concept

  • Core part will be made as POC
  • Test run will be conducted and necessary changes will be made based on feedback
automation tool

Tool Creation

  • Once the POC finalised, it will be converted to fully functioning app
File generation

File Generation*

  • File will be generated for the data extraction
  • Files can be in different or we can even delivery in DB format


  • Proper handover of the work will be done
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

* File generation step will be involved, if it is data extraction.

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